Jiaoying Summers

Jiaoying Summers is the most courageously fresh voice in comedy. She embodies the Asian
American perspective through her work with uncensored, unapologetic comedic stylings.
Among her unique gifts are powerful and dark truth bombing; she turns extreme childhood
trauma into comedy gold. In just four years, lighting has struck the comedy world, she is
among the fastest rising stars. She is an Asian Hall of Fame inductee, comedian, podcaster
and social media comedy queen with over one billion views and counting. The LA Times
considers her “one of the leading women running the LA comedy Scene”. The BBC named her
“the woman rewriting the comedy circuit in Hollywood”. Vogue Magazine described her as “a
major voice on the national comedy scene”. She recently starred in Netflix Is A Joke Festival’s
Women in Comedy Show. Her 30-minute comedy special Hot Girl Summers is streaming on
Peacock TV and Prime Video.


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