Butch Bradley

Veteran comedian, Butch Bradley has taken his unique blend of stand-up and improv around the
globe; from small clubs to big casinos, feature films to late-night television, to active war zones in
the Middle East for USO venues. A true “comic’s comic,” Bradley’s longevity and popularity come
from his insightful, always fresh comedic material. Eternally casting his wry observational net over
day-to-day existence, his comedy is in a constant state of metamorphosis. Bradley’s humor is
upbeat, often manic, provocative but never malicious; his observations can come totally out of left
field yet they ring true. It’s the almost- painful honesty the audience is responding to when they
laugh uproariously, not the shtick. Bradley doesn’t so much deliver jokes as he takes his audience
by the hand and leads them on a hilariously madcap ride, a ride that no one ever wishes will come
to an end.



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